Julie Whyman and Islay

I am passionate about Pre-Raphaelitism.

I have a PhD from the University of York with my thesis Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s Language of Flowers (2019). I gained a Distinction in a Master of Studies in Arts and Literature from the University of Oxford with my dissertation Exposing the Lily: Decoding Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s Sacrane Paradox (2015). I also have two BA Honours degrees – one in Humanities from the Open University, and the other in German from the University of Liverpool.  I was awarded the John Pickard essay prize from the Pre-Raphaelite Society Review for my essay Four Flowers and a Funeral (2017), and published Sacred Profanity: Decoding the Lily in Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s ‘The Blessed Damozel‘ in Vides (2015); the University of Oxford’s annual volume of interdisciplinary essays.